Thursday, October 8, 2009

Most Popular LEGO Star Wars Figures

There are many popular LEGO Star Wars Figures that are popular with fans of the Star Wars theme. The characters from the film are some of the most famous characters from any movie series. One of the most impressive things about the Star Wars movies is how timeless they have been. Star Wars continues to gain new fans to the series every year and this trend will continue as long as LucasFilms makes new movies.
The LEGO Group never could have imagined that amount of popularity that the Star Wars theme would gain. LEGO never created already licensed themes for their popular building block systems. They always created their own themes in house and had plenty of fans with just those LEGO Sets. Then they signed a contract with LucasFilms to make Star Wars LEGO Sets and the rest is history.
Star Wars LEGO sets are by far the most popular of the different LEGO systems and the LEGO Star Wars figures that are included in these sets have become extremely collectible. From the Darth Vader LEGO mini figure to the Luke Skywalker mini figure, fans of the LEGO Star Wars sets everywhere are looking to collecto every single mini figure that has been released by LEGO.