Sunday, June 28, 2009

Harry Potter LEGO Mini Figures

Harry Potter LEGO Sets are obviously based around the Harry Potter books that have become very popular among children and adults alike.
Collecting Harry Potter LEGO mini figures can be very nostalgic for fans of the Harry Potter books and LEGO has worked hard to capitalize on this. Harry Potter LEGO minifigures are not near as rare as some minifigs because it is not difficult to find Harry Potter LEGO sets.
A great place to get your hands on Harry Potter LEGO minifigures is eBay. You can find bulk LEGO bricks for sale that include Harry Potter miinifigs in the auction. This allows collecting of these minifigs without paying to much money.

Castle LEGO Mini Figures

Castle LEGO mini figures were my favorite LEGO minifigs as a child. These were some of the more original minifigures released by the LEGO Group at the time with many accessories like swords, shields, helmets and even horses to ride!
Castle LEGO sets can be massive in scale and very fun to build. Many of the original Castle LEGO sets are considered very rare by collectors and can sell for as much as $700! If you have one of these vintage Castle LEGO sets sitting in the closet you should definately to a bit of research before letting it go.
Castle LEGO mini figures are usually divided up by designs etched in the torsos and shields and flags. This allows builders to create armys of Castle LEGO minifigures and set up large scale medieval battle scenes.

Batman LEGO Mini Figures

Batman LEGO themed sets are one of the more unique themes released by LEGO as the different Batman LEGO sets can be so different from each other. LEGO has released Batman themed sets based on everything from the original Batman movie in 1989 to the newer Dark Knight film. This results in different style LEGO Batmobiles and other vehicles.

Batman LEGO mini figures are very collectible. The LEGO Group did a fantastic job with the fan crossover from Batman Comics to LEGO collecting.

The minifigs included with Batman LEGO Sets can be extremely difficult to find if the set it comes in is discontinued. A good example of that is the extremely difficult to find Batman Arkham Asylum Lego Set 7785. This is a great set because of it's size and because of all the minifigs it has. The Asylum set has seven LEGO mini figures, Batman, Nightwing, Scarecrow, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, and 2 Asylum Gaurds.

Star Wars LEGO Mini Figures

My favorite of all LEGO Mini Figures are the Star Wars minifigs! I'm a big fan of Star Wars and really, the Star Wars themed LEGO sets are what brought me into LEGO collecting back in the late 90's.

Star Wars minifigs are so cool because there are so many of them. LEGO releases new Star Wars themed LEGO sets every once in a while and then discontinues them after a certain amount of time so this makes it important to keep up as a collector on new releases. If a Star Wars LEGO Collector lets a set go by without purchasing it, it can quickly become a highly sought after item and be very expensive!

The LEGO Star Wars figures pictured here is what could be the rarest of minifigs released by LEGO for Star Wars. It is Jango Fett from the LEGO set Jango Fett's Slave I 7153. The set is very hard to come by and is usually very expensive when you do. The Jango minifig can sell for as much as $50 on eBay!

LEGO Mini Figures

LEGO Mini Figures are the main reason I'm involved in LEGO collecting. Mini figures, or minifigs, are the little men that come with some LEGO sets. Over the years LEGO minifigs greatly from the original minifigs released in 1974. Those LEGO mini figures had no moveable arms and plain features.

In 1978 LEGO released themed sets with more modern versions of LEGO mini figures for the Castle, Pirate and Space LEGO themes.
Now we have many different themes of LEGO systems and each has it's own special LEGO minifigures that come with these themes. In this LEGO Blog, we will dive deeper into LEGO Mini figures.